Exporting Prometheus metrics into Google sheet

 Note: this is post is linked to the previous one, if you are curious feel free to check it Exploring Car Metrics Visualization with Grafana and Prometheus       Catching up from the previous post, i encountered another challenge, exporting metrics on a external place (in my case an S3 bucket) and that's where i wrote a small script/tool called P2C (or better ChatGPT helped me writing it, as you can see from the syntax)  P2C stands for Prometheus 2 CSV, this simple script/application allows you to effortlessly export data from Prometheus servers to CSV files and even upload it to an AWS S3 bucket in case it's needed.  In this blog post, i'll walk you through the project and demonstrate how you can seamlessly integrate these metrics into your Google Sheets for data visualization Another goal of this little script was to discover new ways of sharing data, trying to be a small Data Engineer for a weekend proved that Grafana dashboards "could be" replicated on Google