From Engines to Graphs: Exploring Car Metrics Visualization with Grafana and Prometheus

  In today's connected world, extracting and visualizing data from various sources is becoming increasingly relevant (if you are a metrics nerd or data driven).  Today i wanted to share what could be a good way of tracking usages of connected cars which provide access to their dedicated apps via 4G connected SIMs inside vehicles This specific usecase is relevant for BMW cars but as far as i see most of car brands nowadays provide a sort of custom application that may provide directly or indirectly a backend API with all the necessary data/metrics   Some other manufacturer examples are: - skodaconnect - seatconnect - mercedes_me_api - tesla-api If you're a BMW owner, you might be interested in monitoring your car's metrics in a more usable format.  That's where this exporter comes into play by connecting the My BMW App data (from bimmerconnected library) directly into your Grafana instance leveraging a Prometheus scraper job In today's connected world, the extract